Joe Key Award


Call for 2016 Joe Key Award Nominations

The Joe Key Award was initiated for the purpose of honoring Baylor students of admirable character whose selfless efforts might otherwise go unrecognized by the school or by their peers. We are looking for students that you know have contributed to what is good about this school - students who continue to work for the good of others without regard for reward or recognition. Recipients of this honor are leaders by example.  If you know of a rising Senior who fits this description, please write why you think they deserve this trip and submit it to Shaw Wilson by February 14th.

Your voice may be the deciding factor in our selection. The selection committee will be accepting nominations from all upper school students, faculty, and staff. Nominations should be in the form of a detailed explanation of why you think a particular student deserves the honor of this trip. Eligible students include all rising  Seniors (this years' Juniors). Last year's Joe Key Award recipients are listed below. Nominations will be reviewed by the Joe Key Award Selection Committee in order to choose the twelve students whose nominations best fit the philosophy of rewarding selfless character. Recipients of this honor will accompany us to the coast of Maine for a week of sea-kayaking in late August.

All expenses are covered by Baylor School. If you have any questions about the selection process, please do not hesitate to call, e-mail Shaw Wilson, or stop by the Deans office.  If you have questions about details of the trip itself, contact Tim Williams in the Walkabout office.


*indicates students who received this honor but did not go on the trip
due to schedule conflicts

Joe Key Award 2015 recipients: 

Alison Anderson
Tristan Benedict
Pete Harinsuit
Margie Hussey
Chapin Montague
Sims Pettway
David Stultz
Lizzie Thoni
Sydney Tindall
Lilly Turner
Diamond Wadley
Charlie Weeks

Joe Key Award 2015 

Owen Bettis
Grace Carlson
Jon Do
Yude He
Joe Julian
Florian Kirchenbauer
Erika Lopez-Durel
Ansley McWilliams
Amelia Moore
Maggie Pierce
Jazmin Simpkins
Kaki Voges