Walkabout Philosophy


    Walkabout's exposure to students is not limited to the length of a single trip.  Because Walkabout instructors are also classroom teachers, subtle lessons can be learned and profound relationships can develop at a natural pace during a student's entire Baylor career.  We provide the opportunity for self-discovery and the chance for students to develop relationships with their classmates and teachers. 

    One of the key elements of Walkabout's success and longevity has been our ability to create situations where students spend time with their teachers outside of the classroom context.  It is one thing for a student to learn from a hired rock climbing guide on a Saturday afternoon, but it is quite another to have your algebra teacher take you backpacking on the Appalachian Trail, or your English teacher take you surfing in Panama, or your history teacher take you Trekking in north India.  The shared adventure and perspective create a profoundly different student/teacher relationship.

    College prep school can be an extremely competitive environment, whether in athletics or academics. Walkabout provides an unorthodox environment, completely devoid of the pressures of competition. We provide opportunities for failure and success - not winning or losing. The struggle is often internal; leading students to discover untouched aspects of their character.