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Walkabout as your afternoon sport


Afternoon Walkabout - Athletic Role
Walkabout is a non-competitive sport that is available to upper school students. We meet four days a week.  We are involved in off campus activities until 6:30 each evening. Days can be long and strenuous. Expect to be exhausted, dirty, and relaxed at the end of each day. Activities include:

•trail running


•rock climbing



•learning about climbing equipment and rope-work 


Sign-up Procedure:

If you are interested, please sign-up for Walkabout with your advisor AND read this entire page carefully. 

Because of the limits of vehicles and faculty, we can only have 14 students involved in afternoon Walkabout each season. If more than 14 students sign-up, which has typically been the case, the Walkabout faculty chooses 14 students based on the level and type of interest they have demonstrated in the Walkabout program. Interest in the program can be demonstrated by being involved in other Walkabout activities (weekend trips, breaks, kayak roll practice, climbing gym).  If you have been unable to participate in Walkabout due to other Baylor commitments, please clearly describe your circumstance and genuine interest an e-mail to Tim Williams(

NO PRIOR OUTDOOR SKILL IS NECESSARY OR EXPECTED. Our choice of students is based on level of interest - not level of skill. We attempt to assemble a group of students with a variety of skill levels and ages.

Because “demonstrated interest in the Walkabout program” is a pivotal criteria for selection, it is very unlikely that students who are new to Baylor will be selected for the Fall season.  Special circumstances do exist, but acceptance of a new student in Fall Afternoon Walkabout is rare.

TRAIL RUNNING TEST - Trail running is an integral part of this sport.  On the first day of Afternoon Walkabout each season, we will do a trail running test.  If you cannot run at a steady pace for 30 minutes in the woods, you need to choose another sport, do some training, and apply again next season.


  1. -We meet at the Parry Center 15 minutes after the academic day ends.

  2. -Students receive an MR for being late - chronic lateness will result in the student being replaced by a more committed classmate.

  3. -All appointments with doctors, dentists etc. should be scheduled on Fridays.  If you have a doctor's appointment that cannot be scheduled on a Friday, you must have your parents email Tim Williams the day before your absence.  Failure to do this will result in a detention.

  4. -Come prepared for all activities each day - regardless of weather.

  5. -Do not ask the Walkabout staff what afternoon activity we will choose.  Each day is a wonderful surprise.

  6. -Do not ask the Walkabout staff to return early.  Expect to return at 6:30 each day.

  7. -Trail running is part of what we do.  We run in beautiful places and rarely in a circle.

  8. - No extra-studies on Mondays.  We do not meet on Fridays - so Walkabout students have even less rationale for needing an extra study to do the work that could not be finished over the weekend.

  9. - We know you have days when your world gets complicated and you need a day off from your sport.  You are allowed one of these days per season with no questions asked.  A second absence will result in a detention.  We also understand that sometimes a detention is worth it.  You must email Tim Williams to let him know you are taking a personal day BEFORE YOU MISS A DAY.  EMAILS AFTER THE FACT ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE.

  10. -There is no need to negotiate with the Walkabout staff about what constitutes a legitimate reason to miss Walkabout.  This is your sport.  If you miss a day of your sport, we give you one free pass (see above).  Expect further absences to be turned in to the dean's office.

  11. - We understand that Baylor can pull you in many directions - and that is not always fair to you.  If you need to miss Walkabout for another required Baylor function, you must have the faculty advisor of that function email Tim Williams the day before your absence. The email should indicate the date, starting time, and location of that function.

This information refers to upper school afternoon Walkabout.  If you are interested in middle school afternoon Walkabout, please contact Bett Adams